About MarkBenHarris

Chicago to LA

|| Artist || Designer ||

Born and raised in Chicago, I’ve been making art since I can remember. As a child, I remember tracing Simpsons characters, especially Bart’s superhero alter-ego, Bartman. This led to more drawing and my interest in comic books, often getting lost in the artwork and stories of Spiderman, Batman, and Superman. I became fascinated by Spiderman, not just because of his superpowers, but also who he was when he wasn’t saving lives. As Peter Parker, he was socially awkward, and a bit of a nerd, something that resonated with me. Peter Parker ended up becoming a photo-journalist, taking pictures of Spiderman (himself) saving the day. I suppose he was the first superhero who was a ‘creative.’ For me, my art would be my superpower. Art provides a way for me to connect to people.

Throughout my life, I’ve found inspiration from artists like Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring, Dali, and Murakami. I work primarily with acrylic paints because it is less traditional. My paintings are created layer by layer. Each layer is painted carefully, making sure that the artwork has a flat finish. I typically design my artwork, digitally and then I will grid out the canvas in pencil so that transfer of the image and its proportions remain as accurate as possible.